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Posts about mountain biking in and around the Roych Clough area in the Peak District. [Location]

Mountain Biking in the Peak District (2009,2010,2011) Video

I started out making a best of 2011 video and then extended it to include the last 3 years. Apart from it being previously seen footage to new music, quite a bit of the 2011 stuff is new and there are some older unseen short bits and a few alternate shots that weren’t in the original videos. For more of these videos see the Video pages for the last 3 years.

The bridleways we’re riding are all named, see more info on them on the track pages and you can also view their locations (and much more) on the OS tracks map.

9th March 07; Edale, Mam Tor, Roych Clough, Hayfield, Jacobs Ladder, Edale…and My New Bike!

Today I was joined by 13 other riders from ‘UK MTB Forum‘ and ‘MTB in the Peak District’ (Facebook). As riding goes, it was a tough uphill day, but well worth the effort for the downhills!

We had a range of riders on all different bikes, but what made it better was the obvious passion for riding and just getting out there regardless of age or physical capability. I would also like share that we witnessed a bizarre phenomenom on the ride in the shape of malt loaf (Greg)…. it works wonders, well either that or it was the smell of chips! The ride was rounded off with free chip butties at The Nags Head Edale..much appreciated, thanks!

Thanks to Scott Preece and Ben Armitt for the pics. Also, to every one that turned out…Cheers!

With respect to my new bike…well I wanted a change and fancied something a bit different….so I treated myself to a new Marin Quake 7.2

It’s a awesome bike which descends with such phenomenal pace, as I had the pleasure to find out on the ride…also ascends really well, but being lazy, I resorted to pushing up hill!


9th; Summer in February

I was in the mood for riding Saturday morning, and upon going on Facebook I had message from Gav of the Mountain Biking in The Peak District Group saying they’d be riding in Edale.

It was only in the car with James (Wilkinson) on the way over I found out it was more of an XC loop, with a mega hill climb out of Edale up to Rushup Edge (the name is ironic). It was a bad sign that we crossed the river right before the start of the climb, cos it meant we couldn’t start from much lower in the valley. Its 215m accent over about 2km to the top of the road, I was leading the attack at a fare pace, but just couldn’t maintain the effort for such a long climb and stopped to push at halfway, a wise choice I thought when I realised I’d only got halfway.
The ridge of Rushup Edge wasn’t easy going either with peat troughs every 10m or so to negotiate, but it wasn’t that wet and there was little wind. The track became more interesting when it rejoined with the footpath and got a bit rockier, however after it dropped into the gully it was a bit too rocky with loose stones everywhere sapping precious speed. The next “green-lane” section was good, quite fast and easy with a few bits to get some small air off.

Gav Roych Clough

Gav had his mini radios with him and I went ahead on the DH into Roych Clough, down a steep bed rock section, to set up for taking pictures. James (W) was the fastest down and the fastest to dismount from his bike at the corner. 😆

James W Roych Clough

James W, Ford, Roych CloughJames (W) and I made the right choice in letting Gav and Greg go first down the next section as they opened the gate giving us a clear run down to the fords. I spotted how good the water spray from the ford looked in the sunshine so Gav and James went back up the slope so I could get some pics. It paid off. With the bright sunlight I could use a fast shutter speed and captured the spray so sharply. Just wish I’d asked them to do it again so I could get a landscape version too.

Unfortunately this rather good DH meant another big long uphill taking us towards Hayfield. 160 metres up and we reached the summit, the next section was quite fun and fast. Then down a long easy decent, which was a bit boring for my liking and didn’t make up for the big climb on the other side back up to Jacob’s Ladder. On the long push up it really felt like summer with plenty of sun and very mild temperature and virtually no wind (except for a certain group member 😉 ).

Unfortunately we arrived at the top of Jacob’s Ladder as all the walkers were heading down for the day, but this give us time for a self timer and some other pictures.

James W, Jacob's Ladder

The ride won’t have been complete without some sort of bike problem and on the decent down to the right hand corner on Jacob’s Ladder James’ mech messed up so they spent a while fixing that while I took pictures and did a run down to the next corner and pushed back up, ‘too many cooks’ and all that.

All in all it was a great days riding and it was good to ride something new with a change of scenery. It was also good to get out in such great weather, especially considering only last weekend there was snow on the ground. Will we see any more snow this year, or will it be a warm spring and wet summer like last year… who can say?

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