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WinHill & Hurst Clough 26-01-08

Yesterday Irwin and I headed up WinHill, we met in Thornhill and went down the footpath to the railway, the last wooded section was a Class 1 Sloppenfest, with back wheels weaving all over the path. We then went up to the moorland single track and had two good runs down there, fortunately the strong wind was behind us.

Jeff Root Section

I rode the root section below the steps, while Irwin took pictures, then we swapped over for the top section of Parkin Clough. I was pleased with my flash which could light Irwin up from the other side of the gully, 8-10 metres away.

Irwin Parkin Clough

Later on we went out to Hurst Clough which wasn’t as wet as expected, only the run-in on the first straight was covered in water. We did a few runs and took some pictures, which I was fairly pleased with.

Irwin Hurst Clough

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