Videos 2008

Our videos from 2008.

You can download the videos to your computer and then watch them whenever you want.
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Here’s a video of a compilation of all the stuff from the pump tracks that didn’t get used elsewhere from 2008. Featuring Joe’s pump track & Bamford and some dirt jumping and Jonny trying the illusive (to my camera) 360.
Riders: Joe, Jonny, Jeff, Irwin, Josh, Jack R, Matt A.
Please note: Joe’s pump track is private.

_VidPic_08'08 The Beasts of Hope Cross
A video from 2008, filmed in May and August on HopeX DH, with James W, Irwin, Shane, Nicky & Jeff. The lesson to be learnt here is when Jeff rides sparks fly. 😉
View on Vimeo (1280×720)
08’08 The Beasts of Hope Cross MID
(640×480, Download, 3ivX, 50MB)

VidPic_08'07'29 Pump Track JI+JK+Shane+Adam

A Pump Track video of Irwin, Shane, Adam and Jeff. Two men have a vision to ride in unity…
08’07’29 Pump Track JI+JK+Shane+Adam MID
(640×480, Download, 3ivX, 50MB)

Codename Sloppenfest

We did a bit of filming on Sunday and I’ve made it into a 2 minute vid, a bit tongue in check, enjoy.
08-03-30 Codename Sloppenfest MID
(640×480, Download, 3ivX, 51MB)
Youtube Low Quality – 2:00