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Infrared Photography

After being inspired by a photography blog, Public, I got an infrared filter yesterday (when it was raining) and I’ve been trying it out in my lunch break today. It blocks out normal light and only lets through infrared light. It works on sunlight (rather than heat 😉 ), and you need about a 1 second exposure (since the camera has its own filter to reduce IR). One of the interesting things with it is how green foliage comes out as white.
I’m using a Hoya R72 58mm filter on my Fuji 9600 (non DSLR) camera, so you get a live preview of what you’re shooting. I was concerned about how sensitive the camera would be to the infrared light, but I’ve got down 1/4 of a second with acceptable results so far, I think its beyond bike action shots tho. 🙁
For more info about Infrared Photography check out Public Energy’s page on the subject.

In other camera related news I got another flash, and a night shooting light for my camcorder.