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Mountain Biking in the Peak District (2009,2010,2011) Video

I started out making a best of 2011 video and then extended it to include the last 3 years. Apart from it being previously seen footage to new music, quite a bit of the 2011 stuff is new and there are some older unseen short bits and a few alternate shots that weren’t in the original videos. For more of these videos see the Video pages for the last 3 years.

The bridleways we’re riding are all named, see more info on them on the track pages and you can also view their locations (and much more) on the OS tracks map.

OS Tracks Map & Route Designer v3 & Tracks Page Update

[11'09'18 OS Track Map v3 SS.jpg]

We’ve (finally) updated the OS Tracks Map and the Route Designer (which was previously a beta version in a separate page). Hopefully we’ll be adding some more routes soon too.

New Features

  • Integrated Route Designed
  • Improved Routes & Route detail
  • Mouse-over titles on marker icons.
  • Share Route on Facebook link
  • Shorter custom route sharing URLs
  • Map area increased to include more of Sheffield
  • New URL (Web Address)
  • Updated Places & some new pre-drawn lines
  • New More Flexible Back-end (stuff geeks get excited about)

We’ve also updated the Tracks page and added some new tracks and updated others: