Images 2008


08-12-02 Pump Track JI+JK+ST+JC

The new improved jumps at the Pump Track and bit riding in the snow & mud. James, Shane & Jeff

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08-11-18 Pump Track JI+ST

A selection of pictures from a very muddy and leafy pump track.

12 Photos

08-11-15 Pump Track JI+JK

Irwin and Jeff at a muddy, leafy, Pump Track at night.

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08-11-04 Hollins Cross

Myself (Irwin) and Shane went out for a short ride around Hollins cross in Edale, and took a couple of pictures.

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08-09-16 HopeX+HaggTor+Gores JI+MA+JK

James, Jeff and Matt riding Hagg Tor & Gores DH.

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08-09-13 BamfordPT+JoesPT+Grindleford

A day of sun at last! Action from two pump tracks, and a random path. Irwin, Josh, Jeff, Jonny, JackR & MattA. Pictures by Jeff & MattA.

30 Photos

08-08-22 Pump Track JI+JK

Irwin riding the mini pump track berm.

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08-08-01 Edale JI+JK+MA - Jeffs

Jeff's pictures from our ride in Edale.

6 Photos

08-08-01 Edale JI+JK+MA - Matts

Matt's pictures from our ride in Edale.

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08-07-19 Bamford MTB Clough Climb

The EPIC hill climb up Bamford Clough.

19 Photos

08-07-12 Morzine JI+NB+JW

A selection of pictures taken in the Portes Du Soleil region of the French and Swiss Alps.

56 Photos

08-07-05 WinHill JI+JK

A couple of shot from some riding in the WinHill area.

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08-06-27 Gully JI+JK

Riding in a gully with flashes.

8 Photos

08-06-07 WinHill+Mono6ti JW+MP+JI+JK

Riding Win Hill and Mono6ti on a humid Saturday.

25 Photos

08-05-20 TrackX JI+JK+Shane+Ben+Graham

Evening riding of a woodland track.
Warning: Contains flash photography.

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08-05-16 TrackX+PumpTrack Jonny+JK

Woods and Pump Track, with Jonny styling it up.

18 Photos

08-05-15 TrackX Ben+JK

An evening riding in the woods.

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08-05-13 HopeX-DH Shane+JK

Shane and Jeff riding the first corner section if HopeX-DH.

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08-05-12 WinHill Ben+Nicky+JK

Pictures were rationed on this occasion.

3 Photos

08-05-08 Pump Track

An evening at the Pump Track.

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08-05-06 Jacobs Ladder Shane+Ben+JK

Jacob's Ladder in Edale on a warm spring evening.

30 Photos

08-04-21 Chapel Gate NB+JK

Chapel Gate near Edale on a windy spring evening, with Nicky & Jeff.

13 Photos

08-04-15 Black Rabbit NB+Shane+Ben+JK

A session at Black Rabbit / Pindale, with Nicky, Shane, Ben and Jeff on camera.

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08-04-03 PumpTrack Evening

An evening session at the pump track, with plenty in attendance.

29 Photos

08-03-16 Joes Dig Day Joe+Jolley+JI+JK

Digging the Pump Track at Joe's.

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08-03-14 Edale JI+ST

Short morning ride, at jacobs ladder edale.

10 Photos

08-03-08 WinHill Shane+JK

Shane got his new bike in the morning, we went out in the afternoon.

6 Photos

08-03-02 WinHill JI+JK

More flash action in the woods.

9 Photos

08-02-23 Joes Dig Day JK+Joe+Jonny

A dig day at Joe's, with Joe, Jonny and Jeff. Building, Pump Trackaction and flash lit DH.

28 Photos

08-02-16 HaggTor JI+JK+PD+Tim+Matt

Hagg Tor, on a beautiful sunny winters afternoon. Irwin, Pete, Tim, Matt P, & Jeff.

17 Photos

08-02-15 PumpTrack Night

A night session at the Bamford Pump Track, with "semi-remote" flash. Irwin, Tim, Pete & Jeff

8 Photos

08-02-09 RushupEdge+Hayfield+JacobsLadder

A bit of an XC loop, from Edale, including Rushup Edge, Roych Clough, and Jacob's Ladder.

20 Photos

08-01-26 WinHill+Hurst Clough JI+JK

WinHill Root Section, Parkin Clough and Hurst Clough

12 Photos