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my mecca the climbing works sheffield

josh climbing works 1Hi,
I have never made a real post before and i just felt like making one about it something i care a lot about. the climbing works is a place in Sheffield where i have spent alot of time due to my bike being broken since xmas and bouldering is now one of my fav sports to take part in. so read this post and take a look at a few of the pics and maybe it will interest you to one day come climbing with me.

josh climbing works 2The climbing works opened up just before xmas in 2006 and is run by 3 of the most sound people i have met they always are there for a chat about the new routes or holidays you/they have been on in the past an encourage you on climbs you are finding hard. the climbing works is located just of Abbeydale Rd down Woodseats Road in Sheffield. To join the the works you must be 18 or have a parental consent for you to climb alone. it is £2 to join and that is for life, after that it is £5.50 for kids after 4 o’clock on a weekday or a sat/sun and the £4.40 before 4o’clock on a weekday. adults are an extra pound. you can hire shoes, chalk bags and finger tape. this is a price that i believe is fair

As the largest indoor bouldering place in the UK it has a lot to hold up 2, to hold up to its reputation new routes are put up at least once every month, the routes are then kept fun clean and well new. they have also recently built a new wall and changed an entire room.

josh climbing works 3If u r just a beginner or you class urself as quite an advanced climber the works is the place for you. routes a graded from 3 – 8a, 3 being the easiest and 8a being the hardest the climbing works ranges through out them all and they are all colour coded just to make it a bit easier for you to work it out. also for the more advanced climbers visiting
the works there is the comp wall which is full of amazing climbs with technical, muscally and generally uncomfortable moves but this is wat makes it so much more satisfactory when the rout is complete.

josh climbing works 5if i was to compare the climbing works to a place that most of you will recognise being general downhillers, i would say it was the fort bill of climbing because it has everything you need there u can spend as long as you want there and the people you meet are always great so if this post had made u remember about the climbing shoes you have berried away some where just gathering dust and you feel like going for a climb and the weather isn’t to great jump on a bus,train or get a lift over to the works and have a great time

over and out, josh

(if you are getting the train i advise getting off at dore then riding there. or get the train to Sheffield then walk up to the peace gardens and jump on the number 75 76 97 or 98 which will drop you off near enough outside the works. here is the Google Earth co-ordinate things if u wanna double check where to get off or watever 53°21’6.24?N, 1°29’5.85?W. )
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