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DJ Pumptraction 2011 Video

A video of all our pump track and dirt jump riding from 2011, all shot at Bamford Pump Track.

Below are the pictures taken there this year:

[Gallery Link]11-03-24 Bamford Pump Track JI+JK+OS+JR, 7 Pictures by Jeff

[Gallery Link]11-03-31 Bamford Pump Track JI+JK+JH+TH+JR+, 25 Pictures by Jeff

[Gallery Link]11-04-14 Bamford Pump Track JI+OS+AM+JR, 16 Pictures by Irwin

[11'12'31 DJ Pumptraction]

Video: 2008 Compilation: DJ Pumptraction

Here’s a video of a compilation of all the stuff from the pump tracks that didn’t get used elsewhere from 2008. Featuring Joe’s pump track & Bamford and some dirt jumping and Jonny trying the illusive (to my camera) 360.

Riders: Joe, Jonny, Jeff, Irwin, Josh, Jack R, Matt A.

Please note: Joe’s pump track is private.

Pumptastic! Pump Track Video

VidPic_08'07'29 Pump Track JI+JK+Shane+Adam

A Pump Track video from when Irwin, Shane, Adam and I (Jeff) were down there on Tuesday afternoon/evening. Let us know what you think.
08’07’29 Pump Track JI+JK+Shane+Adam MID

08'07'27 Pump Track JI 7532

There’s also the pictures from then and some from the Sunday:
Picture links 08-07-29 Pump Track JI+JK+Shane+Adam, 8 Pictures
Picture links 08-07-27 Pump Track JI+JK+Ollie, 10 Pictures