Videos 2007

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VidPic_07'12'30 Chicksands
Our Road Trip to Chicksands, read more here.
07’12’30 Chicksands JI+JK+Josh+Mark MID
(640×480, Download, 3ivX, 51MB)
Youtube Low Quality – 4:16


Irwin riding dusty downhill tracks Hopton & Bringewood in September.
Hopton & Bringwood Sept07 MID
640×480 3ivX 50MB
Vimeo – 4:30

A sunny September day when loads of us went to Wharncliffe and rode the (New) Fast Track, No Human and Red River/Waterfall. Irwin’s bike was squeaking, Pete was on his brother’s bike and Josh still had his very heavy Norco.
Wharncliffe September 2007 MID
640×480 3ivX 51MB
Youtube – 5:20

VidPic_07'07'28 Codename Down&Dusty
Irwin, Joe and Jeff riding in the Castleton area, followed a compilation of bits that weren’t used elsewhere from the first half of 2007.
07’07’28 Codename Down&Dusty MID
(640×480, Download, 3ivX, 50MB)
Youtube Low Quality – 5:03

VidPic_07'07'21 Bamford-MTB Clough Climb
The Bamford MTB Weekend hill climb up Bamford Clough. There were about 20-30 riders taking part, include Jeff, Josh and JackR, and most got a fair distance.
07-07-21 Bamford MTB Clough Climb MID
(640×480, Download, 3ivX, 50MB)
Youtube Low Quality – 5:17

VidPic_07'05'28 EPIC HopeX+HaggTor+Ladybower
Our Bank Holiday Monday EPIC ride, including HopeX DH, HaggTor, Gores DH, and some gullies on Mono6ti.

(640×480, Download, 3ivX, 50MB)
Youtube Low Quality – 3:40

VidPic_07'05'24 Mono6ti Joe+Jolley+JK
A short vid of a mess about up Mono6ti, with Joe and Jolley riding, and Jeff filming. Jolley was on his brothers bike. Read more here.
07-05-24 Mono6ti Joe+Jolley+JK MID
(640×480, Download, 3ivX, 45MB)

VidPic_07'05'05 Northern Series Rnd1 Calton Bank
The first ever race of the new Ride-Central Northern Series at Carlton
Bank, North Yorkshire. Joe and Jeff headed up north for the race with
Joe racing and Jeff filming. Read more here.
07-05-05 Northern Series Rnd1 Calton Bank COMP
(384×288, Download, 3ivX, 50MB)
View it on Youtube (9:48)

VidPic_07'03'31 Joe's 1st Dig Day
We had a dig day up at Joe’s, with Joe, Jolley, Jonny, Josh and Jeff in attendance, and well you can only dig for so long before riding calls.
Read more here.
07-03-31 Joes 1st Dig Day MID
(640×480, Download, 3ivX, 50MB)

VidPic_07'03'25 Bamford
A quick edit of the stuff from Bamford and the Pump Track on 25th,
filmed on the stills camera, and the stuff from the night of the 26th.

(640×480, Download, 3ivX, 46MB)

VidPic_07'03'17 Wharncliffe
This video is from our second group trip to Wharncliffe, with Irwin, Pete, Tim and Jeff, and mainly contains footage from the Fast Course, with bit of the Diamondback and NEMBA. Read the post about it here.

(640×480, Download, 3ivX, 51MB)

VidPic_07'01 Codename January
This video is the best of our January riding (hence the cryptic name 😉 ). Its starts with the river that is Cave Dale, behind Peveril Castle in Castleton.

(640×480, Download, 3ivX, 48MB)
Or view on youtube
07’01 Codename January (4:17)

VidPic_07'01'20 PCWS Hopton 1st Round
The Race video from the first round of the Pearce Cycles Winter Series 2007 at Hopton in Shropshire, its nearly 7 minutes long but is “Jeff’s best vid yet” so well worth a watch. You can read more about the weekend here, or you can read Joe’s in depth article here on dirtyhalfpipe.

(384×288, Download, 3ivX, 45MB)
Or view on youtube 07’01’20 PCWS Hopton 1st Round (6:50)

There is also all the video footage of the Monkyespoon and Dirtyhalfpipe riders in this video, its not intend to be a great video, its more just for us.

(640×480, Download, 3ivX, 47MB)