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Pearce Cycles 2010 – Round 3 – Bringewood

[10-05-15 Pearce Race Rnd3 Bringewood 7017]
Round 3 of the Pearce Cycles 2010 race series took place a Bringewood near Ludlow. The weather was warm and generally sunny on Saturday morning with just the top section of the track still a little damp. The track for this round was the old nationals track, turning right off the start hill, with two interesting corners in the top section before crossing the fire road and then down the long (now tree-less) straight before another mainly new section in the bottom woods. This had a steep section, some what reminiscent of race at Kidland Forest a few ago, then the trademark stretch limo of a table before the finish.

[10-05-15 Pearce Race Rnd3 Bringewood 6763]

10-05-15 Pearce Race Rnd3 Bringewood 6972Within the first few hours the ruts got cut in and the faster more skilled lines emerged, this was especially true on the corners near the top and at the steep section at the bottom. The jump above the fire road gave some good action, I even saw quite a good suicide no-hander (unfortunately while I was getting my camera out – d’oh). There were only a few hold ups through out the day with the Pearce crew keeping things moving and the uplifts giving riders plenty of runs.

This time Irwin and I were camping with the rest of the lads – no Travel Lodge luxury this round. It was excellent weather for a barbecue, but unfortunately someone at Tescos had disguised a hand warmer as a barbecue so we waited ages for everything to cook. Luckily we had a camping stove so once we’d transfer some grub to that and we were cooking with gas (quite literally). The evening’s entertainment consisted of a track walk, in depth analysis of whether Brendawg really did jump from the fire road and land in the first woop at Round 1, Matt’s birthday cake, a quiz around the fire and watching Dogman digging a hole with a small machete and waiting for him to accidentally cut something off.

[10-05-15 Pearce Race Rnd3 Bringewood 7274]

After a reasonable nights sleep, although not as good as a Travel Lodge, we awoke to find that mist had descended, but the forecast rain hadn’t materialised. This was good, for the most part, but had it rained it would have made for great footage on the steep corner on the top section. The uplift started early and I headed up for some flash photography in the woods and was impressed by the height some riders where getting off such a small roller.

[10-05-15 Pearce Race Rnd3 Bringewood 7352]

Things soon warmed up as the sun came through and I got to the top, quite knackered, ready for the first race runs and trying to plan my filming and pictures to get the Monkeyspoon team and friends as well as the fastest riders and the, quite small, elite field in the best sections. I was shocked to discovery the organisers had not synchronised their watches before this operation resulting in races runs starting 3 minutes before 11:00! 😯 😉

[10-05-15 Pearce Race Rnd3 Bringewood 7531]

As the temperature rose in the open section so did the speed of the riders, pumping and pedalling their way down the long straight. I got some good long shots of mates coming down, although I could have done with binoculars for spotting them dropping in 200m away. One thing I didn’t notice at the time but later spotted on the footage was the heat distortion of the air when filming down the straight.

[10-05-15 Pearce Race Rnd3 Bringewood 7469]

For the second race runs I got to the bottom section in time to see the fast guys flying through the steep sections and dust ponds on the last corner in the woods. A lot of the bottom section was about pumping at high speed and with precision, and all this after 2 minutes of full on riding.

[10-05-15 Pearce Race Rnd3 Bringewood 7737]

Ashley Maller won the Elite with 2:04.38 and Kurtis Knowles won Senior with 2:08.62. Out of Irwin, Josh (Hay), Nat and Tom, Tom beat Nat by 3 seconds, Irwin came closer back to form; 2 seconds behind Nat, with Josh, not quite upping his performance as much as the others, 0.7 of second behind Irwin. Roots and Rain analysis.

All in all it was another greater race weekend; Dave Pearce rolled another fat one.

Our pictures from the race (& practise) are now available on RootsandRain and some of the best and mates are in the Image Gallery.
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Pearce Cycles 2010 – Round 1- Bringewood

Sorry it has taken me so long to sort out a proper write up.

Thought i had better do something as the second round is less than a week away. Like always this series is as popular as always, and as soon as Pearce cycles opened the entries the rounds very quickly became full. Showing what a huge support there is for racing in this country. With a number of Elite riders in attendance in both the men’s and women’s category’s keen to test out how there winter training had been going.

Anyway the track was changed at last minute due to the poor weather conditions in the week before the race. So the track used headed down onto the bomb holes followed by the left hand open section into the legendary super flowly bottom section. After an early start we arrived on the Saturday morning and after a good slide around in the muddy field i headed up to begin practice. With most riders opting for wet screams. These were the most use on the top of the course although during the day the track did begin to dry out with some riders starting to switch.

[10'03'27 Pearce Rnd1 Bringewood Tape 4589.JPG]

Pearce sure know how to put a race on, and i dont think anyone else has go an uplift anywhere as good as them. With specialised design trailers carry you and your bike, not only is it speedy but it is also safe. With most riders getting 10 runs in on the Saturday you cant complain.


The weather across the whole weekend was great with only a couple of short showers on the Sunday, and as always the spectators were lining the course giving encouragement. Jeff had his work cut out aswell with alot of photographers on course all weekend.

[10'03'27 Pearce Rnd1 Bringewood Eamonn 4821.JPG]

The open section was one of the hardest parts of the track with a series of rollers/doubles on the way in and a tricky rooty right hander to exit back in to the woods.

[10'03'27 Pearce Rnd1 Bringewood 5039.JPG]

Some riders kept it low over the rollers others doubled them up, possibly even tripled them. A section to make or loose quite alot of time.

[10'03'27 Pearce Rnd1 Bringewood Eamonn 5024.JPG]

[10'03'27 Pearce Rnd1 Bringewood JI 4699.JPG]

My own race runs went okay, after catching someone in my first run I posted a time just outside my own target of 3 minutes, which put me around middle in my category i was feeling good and though I could push on a many get inside my target. But after a so so run I posted a time about a second slower. But still pleased and looking forward to the next round and improving.

[10'03'27 Pearce Rnd1 Bringewood 4850.JPG] [10'03'27 Pearce Rnd1 Bringewood 5039.JPG] [10'03'27 Pearce Rnd1 Bringewood 5475.JPG]

With such a large number of world class elite riders it did bring a heighten excitement with various rumours circulating thought the weekend of elite riders taking various crazy lines.

Our pictures from the race (& practise) are now available on RootsandRain and some of the best and mates are in the Image Gallery.
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