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Hope Cross DH – May 2011 Video

Last Sunday evening Irwin and I (Jeff) rode Hope Cross DH (aka The Beast) and did some filming with my Sony a55. I’m still getting the hang of doing video on a ‘DSLR’ and need to get a better (smoother) tripod. The light sensitivity is pretty good, especially with the f1.8 50mm lense, probably better than my own eyes to a point. This proved useful as Irwin managed to get a puncher, then my spare tube turned out to be a dud and we had to use the one out my back wheel, which lost us a fair bit of time and light.

When later asked about the ride Irwin said: “Cheese and marmalade sandwiches are quite nice.”

There are also pictures of me and Matt riding there a few weeks ago in the Image Gallery:
[Gallery Link]11-04-23 HopeX JK+MA, 14 Pictures by Jeff and Matt