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Video: Playing in the Peaks – Jack Reading (by George Milner)

We don’t normally do videos from other places, but this one by George Milner is pretty impressive.

It sees Jack Reading (not to be confused with the more local “ing”-less youth) riding Mono6ti, Blackley Hey (aka Potato Alley) and somewhere else in a far away land. It’s interesting to see the difference in what a rider in the elite category of world DH can do on your local tracks.

Playing in the Peaks – Jack Reading from George on Vimeo.
“Join Jack Reading as he spends a day riding both DH and XC in his back yard, also known as the Peak District. Please LIKE my facebook page :

Mono6ti 3-5-2010 Video

Back in May last year, Irwin, Shane and I (Jeff), went for an evening session riding the track known as Mono6ti. The evening sun light made the top section look great and the camcorder did a good job of capaturing it. Irwin managed to get a puncher straight away and, without the right tools, only just managed to get his wheel off to repair it.

I had expected to some other footage to use with it and make a longer video, but that didn’t happen so here’s a nice short late one instead. I’ve still got some other 2010 stuff to edit so expect some more in the coming weeks.

Saturday 7th, the day of firsts

Strange title i know but i thought it might get your attention! It was a day of firsts for two reasons. James got his new Sunday after bending his old bike and spending the last couple of months trying to get a replacement, he went out and bought a Iron Horse Sunday. With this being his first ride out on this new bike there was lots of fiddling with setting to get the bike riding right.
So after meeting up, there was Me, Jeff, James W and Matt we headed up Win Hill so that we could ride the moorland single track and Hopton section to really test the bike out.

We ended up doing a couple of runs down the single track as it was so good. Then we headed further down the hill were Matt had a off which was only seen by me which would have looked great on video as it involved lots of spinning in the air! He was luck not to land on a massive rock that was only a matter of feet away.
After that we decided to really test James’ new bike and are own riding so we went up Mono for the first time in months. This track is one for the summer months and this was the first time we had ridden it for quite some time. I had forgot how may evil rocks there are up there ready to throw you off line. Jeff decided not ride and just take pictures which was good as the weather and view made for some great shots. It looks so good up there when all the ferns come out really adds something to the pictures, gives them a really nice contrast.

The top section was very dry and dusty which made from some interesting corning especially on the last corner before it gets steeper just over half way down. We did a number of full runs which is quite tricky but once you get it nailed it feels so good.

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