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Posts about riding in and around the Blacka Moor area in the Peak District, just west of Sheffield. [Location]

Blackamoor: A short video from Joe Bowman

After a long time biking and skiing & snowboarding in Whistler, Canada, Joe has returned to ‘the shire’. He’s found himself a good camera and he’s found himself some good riders. Here’s his video:

Blacka Moor & Bakewell – May 09

Irwin Blacka Moor Bridleway
Earlier this month we were invited to join a small group of DHers to ride some of the bridleways on Blacka Moor on the west side of Sheffield. We initially met up with Eamonn and Josh and we started off on a bridleway that descends through the wood, featuring some embedded gritstone rocks to weave round and ending in a bumpy rooted section, there were quite a few lines to try and quite a few bits to remember. After sessioning this we headed back up and across to the top of another bridleway. It led you in gently enough with swooping singletrack across grass before reaching the moorland and becoming sandy and rocky. Then a sudden corner took you into a gulley with a few large rocks to avoid, after which came swooping turns into the cover of the birch trees and rounded rocks to weave round and over. It was a fun track with a lot of variety, bating us to do more runs. We were joined by ‘Dogman’ (Andy) and Micky who brought along some rather tasty home-made cakes. 😀 I got the camera out and did some shots on the moorland section before we started discussing where we’d go next.

Eamonn Bakewell BridlewayAfter much debating and banter we decided we’d all headed to a bridleway near Bakewell. Near the bottom of the bridleway it crosses over the golf course 🙂 Situated In fairly open woods it had some nice line options, including natural bermed corners down a gulley Which was very difficult to take as speed due to very tight pedal clearance. Which lead down onto a slightly awkward wall ride to gully line. As much as the bridleway would have been fun on its own it also had a parallel alternative line with some drops, jumps and berms. 😀 Nothing too big but enough to provide entertaining. The woodland floor was covered in Bluebells making it interesting going off line, catching Micky out! It was great to ride some place new so thanks to Eamonn, Josh, Andy and Micky for showing us, and providing such good company.

Bakewell Bridleway Josh

[Gallery Link] 09-05-09 Blacka Moor+Bakewell JI+JK+, 20 Pictures by Jeff