Videos 2006

Here’s some of our best videos from 2006, a good year for beer, an ever better year for monkeyspoon videos. You’ll find the newest vids at the top of the page, and you can leave a comment down the bottom if you wish. Some of the pictures that go with the videos can be found in the 2006 Images page.

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06’12’26 HaggTor Pete+Tim+JI+JK
Helmet Camera Tests
06’12’16 EPIC HopeBrink HaggTor Derwent
06’12’01 Mono 6ti JI+JK
06’10’14 Ladybower JK JI Bos MID
06’09’15 WinHill & Hagg Tor JI+JK
06’09’09 Crook Hill & Derwent
06’08’07 Bamford Cloughs
06’07’22 Midland Super Series 4th Caersws
06’06’18 Hope Brink+Derwent
06’05’20 Hopton Woods
Left Overs 1st half of 2006
06’04’12 Wharncliffe
06’04’10 Clough Zip Line
06’03’04 Bamford, Nicky’s
06’02’25 Derwent JK+JI+Bos
06’02’11 Clough Nicky’s Stanage
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06'12'26 HaggTor
Our Boxing Day ride, with James, Pete, Tim and Jeff present, Tim had
borrowed a van so we head up the Snake to Hagg Tor and the upper
section of Gores DH, read more about the day here.
06’12’26 HaggTor Pete+Tim+JI+JK MID (640×480, Download, XviD, 25MB)

Helmet Cam test
Just a quick video me and Jeff put together to test out and show you my
new Helmet Camera. We didn’t have much time so we ended up just filming
me following Jeff down Hurst Clough enjoy.
06’27’12 Hurst Clough Test COMP
(Download, 640×480, XviD, 29MB)
We went out a few days later and did a similar thing along Hope Brink and then down Wiseman Hey.
06’12’29 HopeBrink WisemanHey MID (Download, 640×480, XviD, 25MB)

06'12'16_Xmas EPIC RIDE.jpg
Our Christmas themed EPIC RIDE with James, Joe, Josh, Nicky, Alex and Jeff, featuring some of the best downhills in the area and all in one wet winters day. Its five minutes long so may take a while to load, but its worth the wait. You can read about the day here.
06’12’16 EPIC HopeBrink HaggTor Derwent COMP
(640×480, Download, 3ivX, 44MB)
Or view in low quality on youtube here. (5mins)

VidPic_06'12'01_Mono 6ti JI+JK
Irwin and Jeff riding one of the steepest tracks in the area, with some moor riding and nice stills thrown in.
download here

James, Boslow and Jeff riding various tracks in and around the Ladybower and Bamford area, this vid is inspired by the 2nd section of the epic MTB film Roam.
06’10’14 Ladybower JK JI Bos MID (640×480, Download, XviD, 27MB)

VidPic_06'09'15_WinHill & Hagg Tor
Irwin’s first ride on his new VP-Free, we pushed up to Win Hill pike for some nice pics, then rode to Hagg Tor for a mess about.
06’09’15 WinHill & Hagg Tor JI+JK COMP (512×288, Download, 3ivX, 35MB)

VidPic_06'09'09_Crook Hill & Derwent
James, Nicky, Jack & Co., and Jeff riding up to Crook Hil, down ‘Gores DH’, and then back down the east side of Ladybower, with some epic camera angles. Oh yeah and James nailing Hurst Clough the fastest I’ve ever seen him to do it.
06’09’09 Crook Hill & Derwent COMP (512×288, Download, 3ivX, 35MB)

VidPic_06'08'07_Bamford Cloughs
Irwin rides Bamford Clough and Hurst Clough rather fast, with Nicky taking the stills on Bamford Clough and Jeff in strange positions trying to get the best angle for video. Bamford Clough is a steep, straight, track (which is technically still a road!) with concrete on its steepest section and loose and semi-embed rocks over the rest and an awkward concrete drainage gully at the bottom. Hurst Clough is also a ‘road’, with some tarmac and loose stones as well as some bedrock in a few places, but it slopes more gently with some smooth bermed corners. Oh yeah and Jeff spent ages doing a 3D map for this one.
06’08’07 Bamford Cloughs MID (640×480, Download, XviD, 22MB)


Nine minutes of the best footage from the 4th Round of Midland Super Series 06 at Caersws, the warm weather made for a very dry and dusty track which was very steep in places, I was glad to be behind the camera. (Sorry its a bit long.)

VidPic_06'06'18 Hope Brink+Derwent
James, Nicky, Jolley and Jeff on a long ride, starting at Aston DH and heading along Hope Brink to HopeX DH, then up Hagg Tor with some sessioning and then along to Jolley’s and finally back down to Bamford. Jolley really gets himself good, ouch!
06’06’18 Hope Brink+Derwent MID (640×480, Download, 3ivX, 39MB)

VidPic_06'05'20 Hopton Woods
Irwin and Jeff’s trip to Hopton, whilst staying nearby, the course was very wet after a lot of rain. We met two other guys also on holiday, Tom and Ben, and had a great day. Unfortunately some of the best footage was lost when the camcorder corrupted the DVD and we had only had room to backup part of it.
06’05’20 Hopton Woods MID (640×480, Download, XviD, 51MB)

VidPic_06'04'01_Left Overs 1st half 2006
Fancy some Left-overs? Three short vids in one from the 1st half of 2006.
Left Overs 1st half of 2006 MID (640×480, Download, 3ivX, 45MB)

VidPic_06'04'12 Wharncliffe
Our trip to Wharncliffe, Irwin, Pete, Bolsow, Halley & Jeff, with Pete showing off his no footers, impressive.
06’04’12 Wharncliffe MID (640×480, Download, XviD, 49MB)

VidPic_06'04'10_Clough Zip Line
This video is our guide to making a zip-line camera system, it was our second attempt using the MK1 zip-line camera system. The main problem with the system is timing, and it is only best suited to low speeds.
06’04’10 Clough Zip Line COMP (320×240, 3ivX, Download, 8MB)

VidPic_06'03'04 Bamford, Nicky's
Irwin, Nicky, Joe, Josh and Jeff meet up in Bamford and have a mess about before heading up the Clough to Nicky’s for a session on his MK1
dirt jumps and the beginnings of his Northshore.
06’03’04 Bamford, Nicky’s MID (640×480, 3ivX, Download, 43MB)

VidPic_06'02'25 Derwent
After the ritual fixing of Boslow’s bike we sessioned some stuff up by Derwent and then rode Gores DH. You can see how bucked Boslow’s back wheel was.
06’02’25 Derwent JK+JI+Bos MID (640×480, 3ivX, Download, 40MB)

VidPic_06'02'11 Bamford, Nicky's, Stanage
This vid starts with Irwin & Pete messing around in Bamford, we then headed up to Nicky’s and were joined by Josh and Jolley before heading up to Stanage for a mess about. After Jeff’s big crash up at Nicky’s the weekend before he was on foot and ended up running a fair distance that day.
06’02’11 Clough Nicky’s Stanage MID (640×480, 3ivX, Download, 48MB)