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11-11 Ambergate JI+JK+JG

Irwin & James Green riding some of the downhill tracks at Ambergate, Derbyshire. Pictures by Jeff.

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11-09-15 Scotland 2011

Irwin & Jeff on holiday in Scotland for a week riding trail centres. Carron Valley (5090-5106) & Drumlanrig (9012-9083). With a guest appearance by Irwin's sister, Lizzy. Pictures by Jeff, Lizzy & Irwin.

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11-08-25 HollinsCross-Greenlands+MamTor-Greenlands

Shane, Irwin, Josh, Nat, Alex, Joe & Ruari riding in Edale for Shane's Birthday. Mainly riding the Hollins Cross – Greenlands bridleway. Pictures by Jeff.

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11-08-18 WinHill JI+JK

Irwin & Jeff riding amongst the flowering heather on the Moorland Singletrack near WinHill. Pictures by Jeff & Irwin on Jeff's Sony A55.

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11-08-02 Mono6ti

Seven of us riding the track known as Mono6ti on a hot August evening. Pictures by Jeff.

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11-07-14 Wharncliffe JI+JK+NH

Irwin and Nat riding at Wharncliffe, a short track that comes off the bottom of newer Fast Track line and the top section of Truffle Shuffle. Pictures by Jeff.

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11-06-23 Roych+JacobsLadder JI+JK

Jeff and Irwin riding Roych Clough and Jacob's Ladder near Edale on a wet summer's day. Pictures by Irwin and Jeff on Jeff's Sony A55.

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11-05-18 Chapel Gate

Recent maintenance work on the bottom of the Chapel Gate byway. Older picture from January 2010 are at the bottom for comparison.

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11-05-13 Thurday Night Loop JI+JK+ST

Shane and Irwin doing a bit of XC on the 'Thursday Night Loop'. Pictures by Jeff.

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11-04-23 HopeX JK+MA

Matt and Jeff riding the Hope Cross bridleway. Pictures by Matt and Jeff on Jeff's camera.

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11-04-14 Bamford Pump Track JI+OS+AM+JR

A couple of pictures from Bamford Pump Track, from a Thursday evening ride. Taken by Irwin

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11-03-31 Bamford Pump Track JI+JK+JH+TH+JR+

Irwin, Josh, Tom, Jack and others riding the pump track and dirt jumps. Pictures by Jeff.

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11-03-24 Bamford Pump Track JI+JK+OS+JR

Irwin, Oliver and Jack riding at the, very dry for March, pump track. Pictures by Jeff.

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11-03-05 Peatys Steel City Downhill

Some of my better pictures from Peaty's Steel City Downhill race in Greno Woods. All rider pictures are on RootsandRain.

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11-02-22 Dual Race Rnd8 Endcliffe Park

Various riders, including Irwin, Shane and Joe, from 8th round of the Sheffield Winter Ghetto Dual Race Series at Endcliffe Park.

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11-02-18 Aston JI+JK

Irwin and Jeff riding the Aston Bridleway on a fog winter's morning.

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11-01-19 WinHill JI+JK

Irwin & Jeff riding some minor spots around Win Hill. Pictures by Jeff & Irwin.

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11-01-01 HopeBrinks+HopeX+HaggTor+Gores JI+JK+MA+JR+JM

Our New Years Day ride, starting from Aston and going along Hope Brink, then down Hope Cross DH, up HaggTor, then down Gores DH. With Irwin, Jeff, Matt A, Jack R and Joe M. Pictures by Jeff & Irwin.

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