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The mother of all epic rides.

Having got my new ‘lighter’ bike for xmas, my dad saw that the time was fit to encourage an attempt on the legendary coast-2-coast ride that he had completed a good 10 years or so ago. Its a gruelling 223 mile, five and a half day off road ride. Spanning the width of Northern England from St Bees to Robin Hood’s Bay. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, to put it in simple terms it means riding right through the Lake District and over its numerous peaks. Across the Dales and then the North Yorkshire Moors, well I think that’s it any way.

I have spoken to Jonny and Irwin and mentioned the idea to Joe and Osian and I propose a Monkeyspoon/DHP attempt. My dad has already agreed to act as the support vehicle so we wouldn’t have to carry tents or anything other than food and water and a basic repair kit.

As far as timing goes, our exams all finish around june 20th, (Jonny finishes earlier and would have to miss school). So possible weeks are the 23-29 June, 30(June)-6 July, 7-14 July so as to have completed it before Jonny leaves for the Ardeche.

I also feel it would be a good idea to use it as a way to raise some money for a worthwhile cause. I am however lacking any idea of which worthwhile cause and any proposals would be much appreciated!

There is a little more information route wise here.

Cheers Nicky

P.S. I’ve ordered that book!