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Edale – Shane’s Birthday – August 2011

[08558 Hollins Cross - Greenlands bridleway, Edale, Mountain Biking, Peak District]

Last Thursday was Shane’s birthday and he’d arranged a ride on his old home turf; Edale. As part of his present Irwin had got him some new ‘aerodynamic’ bar ends (word on the track is Gwin will be running them at the Worlds) and plastic spokey dokies (personally, I was disappointed he hadn’t got anodised aluminium ones, but apparently they don’t exist!).

[08382 Aerodynamic bar ends] [08391 Spokey Dokies]

[08473 Hollins Cross - Greenlands bridleway]

I (Jeff), Irwin, Shane, Alex (aka That Megson Youff), Nat & Josh rode up from Edale and sessioned the Hollins Cross -> Greenlands bridleway before being joined by Joe (aka ProBow) and Ruari (of This Is Sheffield fame). The track was dry and dusty and we did many runs.

[08445 Hollins Cross - Greenlands bridleway, Mountain Biking, Peak District]

We then headed up the ridge towards Mam Tor and down the bridleway that traverses the back of Mam Tor to the top of Mam Tor -> Greenlands bridleway and then down that. It’s is holding up pretty well from when we worked on it two years ago and is still great fun.

[08572 Mam Tor - Greenlands bridleway, Mountain Biking, Peak District]

Shane completed his compulsory actions check-list that he uses for all rides we go on:

  • Get puncture    
  • Chase sheep    
  • Crash    
  • Rip shorts in an embarrassing place    

Unfortunately he missed out on top marks, by not using his catch phrase. An honourable stupidity mention also goes to Nat, for riding into a ditch on the way back down the road.

All in all it was a great evening of riding in the sun, topped off with a pint and chip butties at The Rambler Inn in Edale. – Shane needs to have a birthday more often!

[Gallery Link]11-08-25 HollinsCross-Greenlands+MamTor-Greenlands, 19 Pictures by Jeff.