Images 2009


09-12-31 HopeX DH JI+JK

Irwin and Jeff riding Hope Cross DH on New Years Eve. Pictures by Jeff and Irwin.

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09-12-26 Aston+HopeX DH+HaggSide JI+JK+ST

Pictures from our Boxing Day ride/push. With Irwin, Jeff and Shane all on hardtails, yes Irwin on a hardtail! Pictures by Jeff and Irwin.

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09-12-24 WinHill JK+The Kids

Riding in the Win Hill area on Christmas Eve. Riding: Jack R, Oliver, Ed, Alex, Jonerz, Stef. Pictures by Jeff.

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09-10-18 Ambergate JI+

First time using my new Nikon D40, Pictures taken at Ambergate riding with Eamonn, The Dog Man, James and many others

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09-10-10 MamTor-Greenlands ST+JK

Shane and Jeff riding the Mam Tor to Greenlands bridleway, where the Ride the Peak trail maintenance team has recently carried out maintenance and improvements on the track.

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09-09-20 Mono6ti+BamfordPumpTrack JI+JK

Irwin & Jeff riding at the top of Mono and later the new monster berm at the Pump Track.

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09-09-03 Scotland - Fort William+Glentress ST+JI+JK

The Monkeyspoon road trip to Fort William and Glentress, with Shane, Irwin and Jeff. Pictures by Jeff.

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09-07-27 WinHill Ed+MA+JI+JK

Ed, Matt, Irwin & Jeff riding near WinHill.

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09-07-10 AbneyST+Mono6ti ST+JI+JK

Shane, Irwin & Jeff riding some singletrack near Abney and Mono6ti.

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09-07-09 Bamford Pump Track ST+JI+JK

Shane, Irwin & Jeff riding at the pump track. Shane brought some paint to mark out directions for racing and we got a bit carried away...

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09-07-05 WinHill MA+JI+JK

Matt, James & Jeff riding the Moorland Singletrack near WinHill. Picture by Jeff & Matt.

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09-07-04 Bamford Pump Track MA+JI+JK

Matt, James & Jeff at the Pump Track. Pictures by Matt & Jeff.

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09-07-02 Grenoside MP+JI

Matt P. and Irwin riding Grenoside. Pictures by Matt P.

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09-05-30 Bamford Pump Track ST+JI+JK

A sunny afternoon at the pump track, with Shane riding his new bike.

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09-05-23 Ambergate JI+JK

A few of Irwin riding a track at Shining Cliffs, Ambergate, near Derby.

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09-05-19 Hollins Cross-Greenlands Maintenance

Track Maintenance with Ride the Peak on the lower section of the Hollins Cross to Greenlands bridleway.

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09-05-09 Blacka Moor+Bakewell JI+JK+

Irwin & Jeff riding a bridleway on Blacka Moor with some local downhillers and then one near Bakewell.

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09-05-02 Wharncliffe JI+JK+JW+MP

A sunny day's riding at Wharncliffe Woods, James Irwin, Jeff, James W. & Matt P. Pictures by Matt P.

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09-04-25 HopeX+Brinks Road JI+JK

Irwin & Jeff riding HopeX DH and Brinks Road.

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09-04-21 Derwent Edge Maintenance

Irwin, Shane & Jeff with Martyn from Ride The Peak doing some trail maintence on the Derwent Edge bridleway.

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Northern Downhill RD1 Kidland Forest

Race Pictures, 4 & 5/04/2009, Saturday & Sunday. Sunday from DSCF7615 onwards. If you are in a picture and would like a larger version email me at media at Monkeyspoon or use the contact form in the Info page.

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09-03-29 PumpTrack

An afternoon at the Pump Track. Irwin, Jeff, Oliver & Jack

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09-01-24 Stanage JI+JaW+JK

Irwin, James W & Jeff riding the Stanage Plantation bridleway & rock jump. With a guest appearance from Jack R & Ed.

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09-01-17 Mono6ti+Heatherdene JI+JW+ST+JK

Irwin, James W, Shane & Jeff riding the track known as Mono6ti and the rock drop at Heatherdene.

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09-01-02 CaveDale+HollinsCross MA+JK

Matt & Jeff riding an icy Cave Dale and the bridleway from Hollins Cross to Backtor Bridge. Pictures by Matt & Jeff.

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