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Posts about riding in and around the Mam Tor area in the Peak District. [Location]

Mountain Biking in the Peak District 2013-2016 Video

A recap video of our riding in the Peak District over the last 4 years. More info on the bridleways ridden in the video can found on the Tracks page.

Bike Garage – Peak District Mountain Biking video

As some may know, the founder and CEO of; James Irwin now runs Bike Garage, a small bike shop located in Bamford, in the Peak District. Since he started out over 5 years ago we’ve been working towards a video and here it is:

Edale – Shane’s Birthday – August 2011

[08558 Hollins Cross - Greenlands bridleway, Edale, Mountain Biking, Peak District]

Last Thursday was Shane’s birthday and he’d arranged a ride on his old home turf; Edale. As part of his present Irwin had got him some new ‘aerodynamic’ bar ends (word on the track is Gwin will be running them at the Worlds) and plastic spokey dokies (personally, I was disappointed he hadn’t got anodised aluminium ones, but apparently they don’t exist!).

[08382 Aerodynamic bar ends] [08391 Spokey Dokies]

[08473 Hollins Cross - Greenlands bridleway]

I (Jeff), Irwin, Shane, Alex (aka That Megson Youff), Nat & Josh rode up from Edale and sessioned the Hollins Cross -> Greenlands bridleway before being joined by Joe (aka ProBow) and Ruari (of This Is Sheffield fame). The track was dry and dusty and we did many runs.

[08445 Hollins Cross - Greenlands bridleway, Mountain Biking, Peak District]

We then headed up the ridge towards Mam Tor and down the bridleway that traverses the back of Mam Tor to the top of Mam Tor -> Greenlands bridleway and then down that. It’s is holding up pretty well from when we worked on it two years ago and is still great fun.

[08572 Mam Tor - Greenlands bridleway, Mountain Biking, Peak District]

Shane completed his compulsory actions check-list that he uses for all rides we go on:

  • Get puncture    
  • Chase sheep    
  • Crash    
  • Rip shorts in an embarrassing place    

Unfortunately he missed out on top marks, by not using his catch phrase. An honourable stupidity mention also goes to Nat, for riding into a ditch on the way back down the road.

All in all it was a great evening of riding in the sun, topped off with a pint and chip butties at The Rambler Inn in Edale. – Shane needs to have a birthday more often!

[Gallery Link]11-08-25 HollinsCross-Greenlands+MamTor-Greenlands, 19 Pictures by Jeff.

Christmas 09 riding & Left Overs video

Here’s a little summary of our recent rides over the snow Christmas 09 period. With a video with footage left over from two rides from the latter part of 2009.

[09'12'24 WinHill JackR 3645]

24th Dec 09 – I (Jeff) went out for some Christmas Eve riding on Win Hill, with the group of young people collectively know as ‘The Kids’ (this name could stick til they’re well into their 30’s). There was a reasonable depth of snow at that height and we sessioned a corner, with mixed results – some slid like a squid, while others went down like a clown (editors note Jeff wrote this bit!). We also went up and rode the root section below the steps – knowing where all the roots are here pays off. 😀 It was signification colder at that level, once out of the woods, so it wasn’t long before we headed home.

[Gallery Link] 09-12-24 WinHill JK+The Kids, 16 Pictures by Jeff

[09'12'26 Aston+HopeX DH+HaggSide JI+ST 3075]

26th Dec 09 – The Epic Christmas ride was even more epic than normal! With a serious amount of snow even at lower levels the full epic route was going to be a serious challenge. But we (James), Shane, Jeff set off with that route in mind. It soon become obvious that we might have to rethink the route! Although the snow made for a very picture perfect December calendar shot. It wasn’t so great for riding in with the up hills being rather tricking epically once we had made it up onto the western side of Win Hill where the drifts were even deeper meaning that pushing and carrying your bike were the only options in places. Once we reached the ridge we had hoped that the gradient might be enough to all us to ride the bikes. We headed off down the ridge just about staying on the bikes. After stopping off to test how deep the snow was in some of the bomb holes (answer very deep). We carried on down towards hope cross. Where the snow had completely filled in the bridleway approaching the the start of the Hope Cross bridleway. So although it was rather nice to continue the tradition of a Christmas ride we might have been better heading out on the sledges or just making a Giant snow man somewhere!
See the the footage from this ride in the second half of the video at the bottom.

Our route – roughly 11km / 7miles long, plus some road afterwards
[Gallery Link] 09-12-26 Aston+HopeX DH+HaggSide JI+JK+ST, 19 Pictures by Irwin & Jeff

[09'12'31 HopeX DH JI 3871+]

31st Dec 09 – After the rather disappointing Christmas ride (in terms of riding) myself and Jeff decided that we would head up to Hope Cross to do some riding. With the Trees around this rocky bridleway providing some welcome shelter from the still snowy conditions still effecting most parts we thought we would be onto a winner. I (James) was eager to test out the full capabilities of my new Transition Bank. The idea behind the build was to create a all purpose bike that i could ride down the pump track, take to Bolehills, ride some longer epic rides on and still be able to enjoy the downs on. And so far i think it easily covers the job! With both myself also taking our cameras there was a fair amount of pictures taken on various parts of the track.

[Gallery Link] 09-12-31 HopeX DH JI+JK, 22 Pictures by Irwin & Jeff

[09'07'21 HollinsCross+BackTor(Edale) ST+JI 0160]

21st July 09 – On a damp Tuesday evening we (Irwin, Shane & Jeff) headed out after work to ride some of the Hollins Cross and Mam Tor bridleways, which are great for short rides as you can park at the top of the hill and don’t have to ride far to get to some pretty good tracks. Shane was on his first outing with his new SPDs (that magical invention that lets you attach yourself to the bike so you don’t need to be as fit when climbing hills 😉 ). It wasn’t long before the inevitable and he stopped but didn’t manage to unclip, fortunately (for Shane) Irwin was stood next to him and made a good temporary leaning post.
We rode the top section of Hollins Cross – BackTor Bridge and first section of Hollins Cross – Greenlands. Shane manage to get two punchers – one on each bridleway (the second in exactly the same spot as a previous ride), probably caused by a bad mix of XC single ply tyres and his DH riding style. While fixing the second puncture we decided it would be more fun to head back up the ridge and ride the short descent that goes around the side of Mam Tor. We weren’t wrong! With the previous rain it was quite slippy and muddy in places, this made for a great final run, with water flying everywhere and sketchy moments had by all.
See the the footage from this ride in the first half of the video below.

9th March 07; Edale, Mam Tor, Roych Clough, Hayfield, Jacobs Ladder, Edale…and My New Bike!

Today I was joined by 13 other riders from ‘UK MTB Forum‘ and ‘MTB in the Peak District’ (Facebook). As riding goes, it was a tough uphill day, but well worth the effort for the downhills!

We had a range of riders on all different bikes, but what made it better was the obvious passion for riding and just getting out there regardless of age or physical capability. I would also like share that we witnessed a bizarre phenomenom on the ride in the shape of malt loaf (Greg)…. it works wonders, well either that or it was the smell of chips! The ride was rounded off with free chip butties at The Nags Head Edale..much appreciated, thanks!

Thanks to Scott Preece and Ben Armitt for the pics. Also, to every one that turned out…Cheers!

With respect to my new bike…well I wanted a change and fancied something a bit different….so I treated myself to a new Marin Quake 7.2

It’s a awesome bike which descends with such phenomenal pace, as I had the pleasure to find out on the ride…also ascends really well, but being lazy, I resorted to pushing up hill!