Welcome to the guide to mountain biking tracks & trails in Peaks District, in particular covering descents in North Derbyshire and the Hope Valley.

There’s nothing quite like mountain biking in the Peak District with it’s beautiful scenery and challenging and techincal natural tracks. In the north of the Peak District is the Dark Peak which features gritstone and peat, gritstone providing good grip in the wet and dry, whereas the south, or White Peak, features limestone which is quite smooth and very slippery in the wet.

Below is a list of our pages about the legitimate descents in the Dark Peak area. They are all either Bridleways or BOATs (normally “Other Public Access Routes” on the OS map legend). For more information about tracks with access rights for MTBers or riding the Peak District, see our Mountain Biking in the Peak District Information page.

Technical | Speed | Fun
Near: Hope
1 | 4 | 3  SK179852
Bamford Clough
Near: Bamford
3 | 4 | 3 [#]SK211837
Blackley Hey (aka Potato Alley)
Near: Alport & the Snake Pass
4 | 2 | 2  SK155885
Bradwell Edge
Near: Bradwell
3 | 3 | 3  SK180808
Brinks Road (aka The Roman Road)
Near: Hope
2 | 3 | 3  SK169858
Brough Lane
Near: Brough, Bradwell & Abney
1 | 5 | 1  SK182816
Cave Dale
Near: Castleton
5 | 2 | 3 [#]SK148824
Chapel Gate
Near: Edale
1 | 5 | 1  SK105837
Cutthroat - Ladybower
Near: Ladybower
3 | 3 | 3  SK207868
Derwent Edge
Near: Ladybower, Derwent
3 | 3 | 3  SK195880
Doctor's Gate
Near: Glossop and the A57 Snake Pass
5 | 2 | 2  SK086936
Gores DH
Near: Derwent
3 | 4 | 5[#] SK166904
Hagg Tor (aka Hagg Farm)
Near: Ladybower & Derwent
3 | 4 | 5 [#]SK163889
Hollins Cross - BackTor Bridge
Near: Edale, Castleton
3 | 3 | 3 [#]SK138850
Hollins Cross - Castleton
Near: Edale, Castleton
3 | 3 | 3 [#]SK138844
Hollins Cross - Greenlands
Near: Edale, Castleton
2 | 4 | 3 [#]SK130846
Hope Brink
Near: Hope & Aston
1 | 4 | 2  
Hope Cross (aka The Beast of Hope Cross, The Beast)
Near: Hope, Edale & Ladybower
5 | 1 | 4[#][#]SK162880
Hurst Clough
Near: Bamford
2 | 4 | 2 [#]SK218830
Jacob's Ladder
Near: Edale
5 | 3 | 4[#][#]SK087862
Lady Canning's Plantation Trail
Near: Ringinglow, Sheffield
1 | 3 | 4  SK288833
Mam Tor - Greenlands (aka Toboggan Run)
Near: Edale, Castleton
1 | 4 | 3[#][#]SK125839
Pin Dale (aka Black Rabbit)
Near: Hope, Castleton & Bradwell
2 | 3 | 2  SK158823
Roych Clough
Near: Chinley & Edale
2 | 4 | 3  SK078832
Rushup Edge
Near: Chinley & Edale
3 | 2 | 2  SK098829
Stanage Causeway
Near: Bamford, Hathersage
1 | 5 | 1  SK235846
Stanage Plantation
Near: Hathersage
3 | 3 | 3[#] SK240840
Whinstone - Cutthroat
Near: Ladybower & Derwent
2 | 3 | 2  SK206874

Below are minor tracks, which are of less interest or with limited information to show.
TrackMap Link
Dirtlow Rake
Near: Hope
Hope Roman Road (Middle)
Near: Hope
Jaggers Clough
Near: Hope, Edale
Mam Tor
Near: Castleton, Edale
Offerton Moor
Near: Bamford, Hathersage

OS Tracks Map

The Web Team has been hard at work to produce an interactive Peak District Tracks Map, showing all the Track Pages' locations and details on an Ordnance Survey® map. It also shows other location useful to mountain bikers visiting the Peak District. As well as showing some of our routes, you can also design and share your own. For more information see the OS Tracks Map Info & Help page.

Local Maps

It's strongly recommended that you carry a decent map when you're out riding in the Peak District. The Ordnance Survey Explorer maps have great detail and clearly show rights of way and elevation. There are two Explorer maps covering the Peak District; Dark Peak area (OL1), including the Hope Valley and north, and White Peak (OL24) area, covering south of the Hope Valley.

Local Bike Shops

There are two bike shops in the Hope Valley; Bike Garage in Bamford, which also offers mountain bike hire, and 18 Bikes in Hope.

For more information about the area and visiting see the websites list on our Links page.

Some statistics on legal riding in the Peak District

Bridleways account for only 12% of paths (footpaths & bridleways) in the Peak District, so for every 7.3 kilometres of footpath there is only 1 kilometre of bridleway.* 36%, 524 kilometres square, of the Peak District is open access land (normally only allowing access by foot).**
(Statistics calculated from a 2008 Peak Park document: *2001 **2005)

Please note: These pages are intended to be a guide to local tracks, they have been created to the best of our knowledge at the time of writing. You are responsible for yourself and so use any information given in these pages at your own risk. Please help to correct any mistakes you find by informing us of the mistake.