Track: Chapel Gate (Pre-2011)

This Information Is Now Outdated

Please note this information refers to the track before maintenance carried out on the track in 2011. For the current state of the track see the new page Track: Chapel Gate.

Technical/Speed/Fun Rating: ***** / * / ***
Height Descent/Distance:200m / 1.5km
Ground: Sandy dirt, rocks, rocks, rocks, tarmac, rocks. Lots of mainly medium sized gritstone rocks and some very large rocks, a few bits of bedrock.

Location: SK 105 837View on the Tracks Map
Chapel Gate is a bridleway south west of Edale. Starting at the west end of Rushup Edge, it heads north, before turning north east as it crosses the contours for about 1 kilometre, it then flattens out and weaves to join the road from Mam Tor to Edale.

Chapel Gate starts out tamely enough on a wide, sandy, flat track, after 500m the downhill starts and the big rocks appear it continues like this with some drops and humps and a few gentle corners, the rocks (possibly boulders) are very large in a few places, there are also a few gullies to watch out for. Towards the bottom of the middle section there is (or was) a strip of tarmac running down the middle, this makes line choice interest as the tarmac middle makes it hard to switch sides. After the first gate there are less rocks and the gradient is more gentle. The last section is more like a farmer’s track, with some tarmac, but there are some quite deep gullies running along the track to be avoided. Upon exiting the track you either have a flat out, straight, road blast to the bridge or an epic hill climb up the road.

Head Cam Link See a Head Cam Video of a run down the track.

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