Google Earth Tracks

Please note:
This page has largely been replaced by our OS Tracks Map page.
It is an interactive Peak District Tracks Map, showing all the Track Pages’ locations and details on an Ordnance Survey® map. It also shows other location useful to mountain bikers visiting the Peak District.


You can download our Google Earth map file of the best local legal descents, they are all either Bridleways or “Other Public Access Routes”, eg roads you wouldn’t drive your car on.

The ones with orange pins and brighter red lines link to our relevant Track page. The pins mark the start of the descent (eg the top of the hill). The map file will be updated as we make more Tracks pages and maybe add more descents to the map.

This serves as a guide and is no substitute for a proper map, please check an up to date map before you ride any routes suggest here.

You can view the file on Google maps, or download it.

You can download Google Earth to view the map file for free but it works best on reasonably quick broadband internet connection.

This map file and pages associated with it are intended to be a guide to local tracks, and has been created to the best of our knowledge at the time of writing. You are responsible for yourself and so follow any advice given in these pages at your own risk.