Wharncliffe: ‘Truffle Shuffle’ Video

[11'07'14 Wharncliffe 03922]

Well it has been a while, Wharncliffe is one of those spots that you that if you dont ride there for a couple of months, something new will have been built. A new jump, berm or most often a whole new track. And while Truffle Shuffle isn’t the newest addition, it was shamefully the first time I had seen it. Starting next to NEMBA, Truffle Shuffle combines all that is great about Wharncliffe. Technical rock gardens, flat out speed and some steeper sections to test those brakes.

I have not been on the downhill bike as much as I would like and was feeling quite rusty for the first couple of runs. But after much pushing and hanging around we managed to get to the bottom of the track. We then did a run down Alexander Super Trout which is a little more bedded in than last time I rode it!


Jeff was trying out his new tripod, lense and external mic. He learnt a valuable lesson – don’t switch off the mic and forget to switch it back on!

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