New Years Day Ride 2011

[11'01'01 HopeBrinks+HopeX+HaggTor+Gores DSC00690 Group]

Having failed to get out for proper group ride 2010, we put things right on the first day 2011 with the New Years Day ride. Irwin, Jeff and Matt A meet up with Jack R and his mate Joe Mallinson (who set the second fastest time at a recent Dual Race) in Aston and following an obligatory puncture repair, we sent off up the bridleway out of Aston. After many years of unblocking the tiny hole in the wall where the stream crosses the track, we were amazed to find a proper channel had been dug under the wall! Perhaps the track will not be a river for the rest of the winter this year!?

[11'01'01 HopeBrinks+HopeX+HaggTor+Gores DSC00700 JR - Mountain Biking Peak District - Hope Brink, Lose Hill]

Jeff recently got a new stills camera, a Sony Alpha 55 (a DSLR with a twist), so was keen to take lots of pictures and try out the HD video performance.

[11'01'01 HopeBrinks+HopeX+HaggTor+Gores DSC00736 JI  - Mountain Biking Peak District - Hope Cross]

[11'01'01 HopeBrinks+HopeX+HaggTor+Gores DSC00839 JM]

[Route Link] Route on OS Map Length: 16km / 10 miles

[Gallery Link] 11-01-01 HopeBrinks+HopeX+HaggTor+Gores JI+JK+MA+JR+JM, 38 Pictures by Jeff