Video: Wharncliffe 2nd May

So myself and James W have been riding at Wharncliffe a far bit recently. So I thought it was about time we got Jeff along to do some filming. There have been some new additions and alterations to the tracks at Wharncliffe of late which is great to see.

Irwin Fast Course Wharncliffe

We were joined by Matt P not long after we entered the woods, once he had found us he took a couple of pictures in-between riding. Although he did complain to me that the sun was catching him out. As it was very sunny one minute then rather overcast the next.

We rode a couple of the old favourites such as “NEMBA” and “The fast course” and even had a quick attempt at “Peatys” and then ventured onto some relatively new stuff. “Dogs” as it is known is abit shorter than most of the other tracks in the woods as it goes almost straight down the hill. I have to say it must be one of my favourite tracks in the woods. Anyway enjoy the video! 09-05-02 Wharncliffe JI+JK+JW+MP, 5 Pictures by Matt P