Pumptraction Saturday 13th

After a late start a group of us met up at Bamford Pump track last Saturday. To start of with there was just myself, Jeff and Josh who had borrowed a bike from a mate at work,which was ideal for the pump track. It was a fully rigid frame that was pimped out to the max. Although at first glance the frame didn’t look overly impressive as it had the paint removed. But once you look at the components you could see it wasn’t a cheap bike! Chris king headset, Raceface handlebars, Thompson seatpost and stem i could go on but it might will make you cry.

After a short while we were joined by Jonny who had ridden over on his brothers bike, as his orange was “dirty” from the coast to coast. After we all had a good giggle at Jonnys bike we did some more riding. Then Jack turned up and i have to admit at this point it did kinda turn into the Jack and Jonny show with both of them pulling various bank tricks.

So after a while we got a bit bored so we all headed over to Grindleford to ride Joe’s pump track. With all of us not having riding the now completed pump track it took us a while to even complete a lap. This wasn’t helped by a small amount of standing water but i quickly found a spade head and cleared the worst of it. Josh and Jack quickly found a strange gap jump with various attempts and some hard landing later they headed back to trying to complete laps of the pump track. Joes pump track is much more technical and tighter than Bamford so there were a couple of falls and bails from almost everyone. With Jack and Jonny, who was now back on the orange styling up the berm gap jump everyone was enjoying themselves i think the sun might have even come out at one point.

After being on the hartails or in my case the BMX me and Josh felt it was time we got the big bikes out. Josh had previous told me about a partially technical section he and Joe had ridden and i was keen to go try it out. So we headed over to the other side of Grindleford near the station to investigate and it was technical that was for sure. But after we had only done a couple of runs everyone was starting to feel a bit tired so we called it a day.

Picture links 08-09-13 BamfordPT+JoesPT+Grindlefordi JI+JK+JW+JC+JR+MA 30 Pictures by Jeff & MattA.


  1. Jackr said,

    Wrote on September 30, 2008 @ 10:34 pm

    Yet more nice pics from the Jeff and his friend matt picture factory 😀 !

  2. Joe said,

    Wrote on October 7, 2008 @ 6:06 am

    You been on my pump track youths?
    Hope all is well back in the shire, last week in the bike park 🙁
    Snows started falling though mwhahaa

  3. King_Jeff said,

    Wrote on October 7, 2008 @ 5:19 pm

    Yep, I couldn’t quite get a full lap tho. 🙁
    I got quite a few laps doing the first & second berms as a figure of 8.

    Cheers Jack.