Recent Riding: Edale & The Pump Track

08'08'01 Edale Matts JK 08080101

Back at the start of August James, Matt (Ashmore) and me (Jeff) went over to Edale with the intention of riding and filming Jacob’s Ladder. After an impressively (for us) continuous ride up there, from parking area at the bottom, we got to the Ladder where we discovered Irwin’s brakes weren’t doing much following his visit to Morzine. So with filming that track out the window we carried on to the top, putting the bags down on the flat middle section, we added to the length by going up the footpath on the right, giving us a 100m run in to the left hander into the initial gully. It was a good run with some water slashing in various places where it was following the track. I caught Matt up as he hadn’t been riding for a while and overtook him on the flat section. We picked up the bags and then did the section below the gate, it was tiring and my brake levers were too far out.

After that we headed back down to the car before going to the most excellent pub in Edale (possibly even the Valley), The Nag’s Head, and there was a comedy moment where I rode off ahead with Matt’s car keys in my pocket before realising and going back. We happened to bump into Shane 😆 and had a rather nice plate of chips and onion rings with a side dish of banter, followed by a generous amount of chocolate cake courtesy of Shane’s missus, cheers 😀 .

Following a lesson in trials riding from the ProMaster we drove up to Mam Tor, leaving Shane to his work. We rode down to Hollins Cross, with Irwin’s brakes improving somewhat we filmed on the bridleway that goes down to Greenlands, before a final sweaty push back up to the car. The weather was good and I got funny shaped sunburn where my arm pads weren’t covering.

08'08'01 Edale JI+MA Filming 7650

[Picture Link] 08-08-01 Edale JI+JK+MA – Jeffs, 6 Pictures
[Picture Link] 08-08-01 Edale JI+JK+MA – Matts, 5 Pictures

On Friday Irwin and I rode the Pump Track in Bamford, it wasn’t too wet considering the weather of recent, an extra line has been added coming off the far berm and we did a bit maintenance on the far inner berm. We then had a competition that involved the middle line into the mini PT berm and then rolling as far up the bank as possible, I won, possibly due to a controversial wheelbase size advantage. Following that we took pictures on the mini PT berm.

08'08'22 Pump Track JI 2194

[Picture Link] 08-08-22 Pump Track JI+JK, 5 Pictures


  1. Nick Hamilton said,

    Wrote on September 1, 2008 @ 9:22 am

    Gents, your pump track looks amazing. Would you be open to me and a couple of mates from Sheffield coming over and riding it?

  2. James Irwin said,

    Wrote on September 1, 2008 @ 10:51 am


    Thanks for your interest, we are planning on having a big meet up at the pump track in a couple of weeks. So you and your friends would be more than welcome to come along then. I will sort a date out and put a post up about it within the next week.

  3. Nick Hamilton said,

    Wrote on September 1, 2008 @ 2:45 pm

    Thanks a lot James… I look forward to it!