Upcoming: Bamford Mountain Bike Weekend 2008

The Bamford Mountain Bike Weekend is taking place in a very limited form this year (2008), there will only be the Bamford Clough Climb. (So it’s not really the Bamford Mountain Bike Weekend as previously, just the Clough Climb.)

Clough Climb 07

It will be on Saturday the 19th of July, which is the weekend after the Wharncliffe Weekender. Registration is between 3-4pm on the Recreation Ground or 4-4.30pm at the bottom of Bamford Clough, with riding between 5-7pm. There were previously two categories, Junior and Senior.

I imagine it’ll be the usual rules, whoever gets the furthest wins and you can’t put your foot down for more than 5 seconds.

They need marshals, which involves marking how far people get with red flags, and you might a get a radio too if you’re lucky.

Check out the track – Bamford Clough Track Page