Woods and the Pump Track – May 08

With all the nice dry weather recently we’ve been doing quite a bit of evening riding, just going to one spot rather than doing a proper ride. I’ve generally only got a few pictures from each night, because we’ve just been riding, but here’s some of the best.

08'05'15 TrackX Ben 6683
Picture links 08-05-15 TrackX Ben+JK, 5 Pictures

08'05'16 TrackX+PumpTrack Jonny 6708
08'05'16 TrackX+PumpTrack Jonny 6769
Picture links 08-05-16 TrackX+PumpTrack Jonny+JK, 18 Pictures

08'05'20 TrackX JI 6833
Picture links 08-05-20 TrackX JI+JK+Shane+Ben+Graham, 7 Pictures

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  1. nicky said,

    Wrote on May 26, 2008 @ 11:45 am

    Sweet, nice pics jeff,nice to see some good content on monkeyspoon at the moment.