2 and a bit birds, 1 stone.

Exams are but a few weeks away, which means revision is looming and encroaching on riding time. However mother nature is being kind at the moment and giving us ridable light until late in the evenings. So I have been riding quite regually mainly with Jeff. We sessioned the brinks road DH track on Sunday & Monday (yes we pulled our fingers out of our arses and got out riding).

Shane doing a small drop @ black rabbit

On Tuesday I headed up Pindale with Jeff, Shane & Ben. We had a pretty good time playing on rollers and a tricky rock section some where halfway up the quarry face, only Shane made it through and he did so by endowing on slippy jagged rocks, nice. We sessioned a small drop and scouted a maybe doable gap jump which would look awesome on film. With all the playing we only had time for a couple of runs. On the last run Jeff took some photos. It was about 8.30 and pretty much dark. Jeff kindly got his flash out and blinded us leaving us to blindly hold on for dear life down the rock track.

Nicky riding down black rabbit

Yesterday (Wednesday) me and johnny headed up to the quarry above the millstone. We didn’t ride but did some digging. The old hip is rebuilt some roller drops have been rebuilt and we built a gap drop which is quite big. Should be good for a session some time soon (maybe after exams or one evening).

On other news, there are rumors of some spangly monkeyspoon.com jerseys! (talk to Irwin if you are interested in one, the current idea is to base them around sombrio jerseys).


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  1. King_Jeff said,

    Wrote on April 17, 2008 @ 5:18 pm

    Cheers for doing this posting Nicky, covers what I would have put. It was a nice surprise at lunch time.