21st WinHill

[Irwin WinHill]

[Jeff WinHill]After some bike fixing and tweaking, and swapping the clip in pedals that came on Matt’s new Kona !DAWG! for some real ones, we headed up WinHill. We did the lower half of The Steps and the Root Section. Matt had his new camera with him, and I was still getting used to my flash so lots of pictures got taken. There were also plenty of scenery shots to be taken with the way the water had frosted onto the backs of the branches creating inch long thin white strips on all the trees and some of reeds.
The ratchet in my free hub locked up so I had no drive, it wasn’t much of a problem on the downhills, it was a bit more difficult on the way back along the Thornhill (disused) railway line though with a mixture of running and Matt pushing me.

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