8th Jacob’s Ladder & Nags Head

Jacob Ladder snow

We had arranged this ride quite a long way in advance, as Shane had to get time off work, unfortunately the weather was fairly bad, with rain and snow and a cold, strong wind. We met up at the Nag’s Head pub in Edale around ten, got waterproofed up, before heading out for a mile or so road ride to get to the bottom of Jacob’s Ladder.

Jacob Ladder snow

We pushed up and did a few runs from various heights up the track, it was (apparently) even colder and windier up towards the top. With all the water coming up from below and snow coming sideways people had the hard choice of wearing goggles and not being able to see or not wearing goggles and not being able to see 😆 , I wear glasses so I didn’t get a choice. The track itself was very good, with plenty of rocks, it would be better when its not a river though. I had my new flash out which was quite helpful in lighting up the riders and got some cool reflections from the snow falling.

Pete Jacob Ladder

After being there about 45 minutes and getting wet and cold we turned back for the promise of chips and a roaring fire at the Nag’s Head where Shane works. Several of the guys took the adventurous route fording the stream, next to the conveniently placed bridge 😉 . On the way back we had the wind and snow in our faces, that was quite painful. Irwin managed to break his chain on the way back, getting towed back by James W part of the way, before taking three attempts to fit the chain back on the right way.

Nags Head Edale

We were rewarded for our efforts with chips, ham sandwiches and a warm fire. Cheers Shane 😀 . And cheers to Gav for the drink, nothing like a cool Magners after a freezing ride 😉 .

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By King_Jeff, December 8, 2007, 5:42 pm o’clock