Bamford Pump Track 15th & 18th November

Not had any updates on the site recently so to make up for it here are two at once!

Pump track 18th November
The pump track has been looking a little neglected recently so me and Shane headed down on Tuesday afternoon and cleared the leafs of the track and sorted the drainage. But we also decided to give the jumps a make over. And have started to alter the jump line, the plan being to move the first take off a couple of feet further up the hill and generally make the whole set bigger and safer. We removed the old Bowling green roller from the first table and whole load of other rubbish (half a bed). We got the first take off rebuilt in the new position although it still needs a little bit of work to shape it just right. I will get some pictures soon. Hopefully we can organise some more digging down there, leave a comment if you can lend and hand with the aim being to re-dig the lot bigger and better than before as the ground is nice and soft at the moment (think of the positives).

Anyway back to the riding, after we had cleared the layer of leaves that was covering over half the pump track it improved things, even making it possible to put some of the more technical lines together into full laps.We only left about 40mins of light at the end of the day to do some riding and take pictures but i am pleased with the results. Shane brought his mini pump track bike down for its first test run 🙂 see if you can spot it.

[Gallery Link] 08’11’18 Pump Track JI+ST, 12 Pictures by James

Pump track 15th November

I hadn’t been riding with Jeff in quite some time so i suggested that we meet up one night at the pump track, having not been down there for quite some time it was interesting to say the least. Even trying to complete full laps was a difficult enough task, all good practice for the summer though. We did our normal mixture of riding and sitting on the bikes and talking.

But after a couple of failed laps the technique started to come back to us, even with the leaves and damp ground trying to do the best to stop it. The main problem was leaves sticking to the tyres and frames creating loads of rub. The bmx was suffering a lot with this so after i while i ditched the bmx and we took it in turns riding Jeff’s bike.

We got some good pictures of us riding the bank berms which was covered in a layer of leaves making for both interesting riding and pictures, i suppose those two are linked. Anyway get out and ride! 🙂

[Gallery Link] 08’11’15 Pump Track JI+JK, 7 Pictures by Jeff


  1. alex megson said,

    Wrote on November 23, 2008 @ 5:47 pm

    Im liking the new jump guys its pretty nice, very well built, tryed it yesterday. Are you aiming to shape the lip so it sends you higher? If you are I would build the landing steeper as when you land you’ll lose all your speed because of the impact. Im around next sat if you want to do a bit of diggin.

    Irwin and Shane, any luck on the bikes? Speaking of bike ive just got myself a new frame and cranks. pics on sdh if you go to pg2 on spangly new kit.

  2. James Irwin said,

    Wrote on November 23, 2008 @ 9:57 pm

    Alex, i was waiting until the jump had settled a bit before i built a proper lip. Same with the landing. But good effort for doing it anyway! I saw your bike on SDH will be very nice indeed when you get your new forks. I cant do any digging at weekends but i will be down there the next couple of days weather permitting.

  3. alex megson said,

    Wrote on November 24, 2008 @ 5:47 pm

    I only made it about 4 times out of ten I think. I needed to peddle quite a bit before hand, Ollie made it on his stinky! I actually like the jump how it is the second one could massive, Ollie told me you where going to build a step up. If you kept the first jump how it was you would be able to generate enough speed to clear a pretty sizeable gap.

  4. James Irwin said,

    Wrote on November 25, 2008 @ 9:50 am

    I have made the first landing steeper and built a smoother transition into the second jump. I said it was going to be a step up as there isnt enough space to have another large gap between the take of and landing as you will be landing down the bank somewhere 🙂 If you guys could try and keep off the jumps until they have had time to dry out/become harder that would be great.

  5. alex megson said,

    Wrote on November 27, 2008 @ 5:17 pm

    sure thing

  6. King_Jeff said,

    Wrote on December 5, 2008 @ 7:59 pm

    Here’s some pictures from the Pump Track on Tuesday. The jumps are getting quite big.
    The last picture explains why the rollers keep getting small. 😆